Waterbury Symphony Orchestra

2017 - 2018: Sonic Structures

Education Programs

The WSO maintains a firm commitment to produce education programs that are of value to program participants, our production partners, and the greater Waterbury community.  This commitment is rooted in our core belief that the study of musical instruments and participation in musical performance is an essential part of every child’s education, every citizen’s contribution to society, and every person’s spiritual totality.

Our programs are produced by a wide ranging coalition of community partners; WSO musicians, staff and board members; and volunteers.  Overall conceptual guidance is provided by the WSO Education Committee.  The Committee is comprised of diverse individuals from within the WSO and throughout the greater community.  Their mission statement:

  • To help the WSO achieve its goals; inspire a passion for music; identify, evaluate and recommend education programs; and to promote community engagement.


Currently, the WSO is producing the following education programs. 

School Instructional Residencies

Student Internships

Bravo Waterbury! 

Meet a Musician

Creating Musical Readers

ASAP!’s Inter-district Strings Project and Music for the Schools with Waterbury Symphony Orchestra 


** For more information regarding the WSO Education Committee and volunteer opportunities, please contact the
WSO @ 203-574-4283


WSO Education programs receive generous support from:

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