Waterbury Symphony Orchestra

2017 - 2018: Sonic Structures

Preparing for the Concert


Online Program Notes

The WSO program notes appear online approximately one week prior to each performance. Just click on the Individual Concert information page and the program notes will be listed at the bottom of the page. We also have started to archive program notes, so you can always have an opportunity to look back at previous concerts.

Pre Concert Conversations

Beginning one hour before every WSO subscription concert, a special PreConcert Conversation will give you insights into the music and music-makers you will hear on the program. PreConcert Conversations are free to all ticket holders and include informal interviews with guest speakers and our composer, discussions led by distinguished area faculty, and behind-the-scenes information. These lively and engaging programs are held in the The NVCC Fine Arts Center.

Concert Attire

There is no dress code! Anything that makes you feel comfortable is fine. Most people will be wearing business clothes or slightly dressy casual clothes, but you'll see everything from khakis to cocktail dresses. Some people enjoy dressing up and making a special night of it. If you do decide to dress up, though, go easy on the cologne. It can distract others near you and even prompt them to sneeze (which may distract you). Just remember to keep all outfits family-friendly!

How long are the performances?

Most concerts are two hours, including a 15 minute intermission. Any significant exceptions to this will be noted on the individual concert page on our web site.


Many works in classical music, have three or more movements or sections. A short pause usually falls between each of them. It has become customary over time not to clap during these short pauses. To find out the number of movements (and corresponding number of pauses) in a piece, turn to the program notes received with your program book. You will find that each work is subdivided by movement. After the last movement, clap to your heart's content.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Patrons carrying cell phones, wearing alarm watches, and/or carrying electronic paging systems are requested to turn them off before entering the concert hall.


Children over the age of seven are welcomed to all symphony performances. Often, the length of our subscription concerts is too long for the attention span of younger children. A great way to introduce the little ones to the symphony is through our 4th of July Concert and our Annual CT Christmas Concert which is fun for the whole family.

If your child causes a disturbance for other patrons, an usher may ask you to take him or her outside the auditorium. Re-entry is at our discretion.

All patrons, regardless of age, must have a ticket to enter the theater. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian and must have a ticket for a seat adjacent to the adult.

Late Seating Policy

All WSO concerts begin on time. Please give yourself plenty of time to get to your seats before the scheduled start time. In order to minimize disturbances to other audience members who have already begun listening to the music, late seating breaks usually occur after the first piece on the program or at intermission. If you arrive after the concert begins, you will be asked to wait in Ruth Ann Leever Hall until the piece concludes.

Can I take pictures or videos of the orchestra performing?

Prior to a performance, concert attendees are welcome to take pictures and video in the lobby to share with family and friends. An usher will ask you to put away your recording device if you are seen taking photography or video during a performance. Not only is this a distraction to your fellow patrons, but can also cause distraction to the musicians and conductor.

Lost my tickets?

First…Don't panic! We have two options available to make sure you get to the performance on time:
All ticket holders: Lost ticket passes can be obtained from the Box Office the same day as the concert at no charge. You will need a valid I.D. when requesting and must match name on order of purchase.
For subscribers: If you would like to avoid the lines at the box office the day of the concert and have tickets mailed to you, tickets can be reprinted at no extra cost to you. All requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the concert to allow for ample mailing time. We send all tickets via the USPS, first class.

What happens if I can not attend a performance?

If you cannot use a ticket for an upcoming concert, we would very much appreciate it if you could donate that ticket back to the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra for a potential resale. You can also mail such a ticket to
WSO, 160 Robins Street, Waterbury CT 06708. Tickets should be turned in anytime up to 24 hours in advance of your concert. A receipt will be mailed acknowledging your tax-deductible contribution. We will be unable to accept any tickets for tax deduction purposes after the concert has begun or passed.

Can the conductor and musicians really hear me
all the way in the back whispering?

Yes! Due to the acoustics in the concert hall, any sound, no matter how small, can be heard on stage by the orchestra, even as far away as the back row.

How much of the concert cost is paid for from my ticket purchase?

Ticket proceeds only cover approximately one-fourth of the orchestra's expenses. Through hundreds of WSO supporters like you, we are able to provide you with five exciting subscription performances as well as many special events each season. Click here to donate now!

What kind of accommodations does the NVCC provide for
patrons with disabilities and impairments?

Among the services the WSO offers for guests with disabilities and impairments are:
• Wheelchair accessible seating on the orchestra level. Wheelchair assistance is available at the guest service entrance to the right of the main entrance.
• Wheelchair storage.
• If you wish to transfer from a wheelchair to a seat, you can request to have your wheelchair stored during the performance. Please let guest services know if you will need assistance during intermission. After the event, the staff member will return your wheelchair to your seat.
• Wheelchair accessible restrooms. Elevator access.


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