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Education & Community Initiatives

The WSO maintains a firm commitment to produce education programs that are of value to program participants, our production partners, and the greater Waterbury community.  This commitment is rooted in our core belief that the study of musical instruments and participation in musical performance is an essential part of every child’s education, every citizen’s contribution to society, and every person’s spiritual totality.

The future of the WSO stems from the work we do in the community. We are proud of our continuously growing array of educational and outreach programs. From young children to older adults, the WSO covers a wide spectrum that includes access and engagement, paving the way for shared cultural experiences amongst individuals of all ages.

Throughout the school year, the WSO provides educational programming five days or more per week, through after-school and instructional residency and mentorship programs. This is supplemented by special workshops and presentations, such as pre-concert and community lectures by special guests, The Great American Songbook Project at Taft School, and Creating Musical Readers, a musical literacy program with an ever-expanding regional presence. We look forward to continuously exploring the ways that we can serve Waterbury and the surrounding communities.

Our programs are produced by a wide ranging coalition of community partners; WSO musicians, staff and board members; and volunteers.  Overall conceptual guidance is provided by the WSO Education Committee.  The Committee is comprised of diverse individuals from within the WSO and throughout the greater community. 

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