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Oh What A Night ... West Street Grill of Litchfield hosts WSO's Continuo Club

We were treated to a warm welcome, the most stunning passed hors d'oeuvres and a simply beautiful setting in a beautiful town.

It was one of those 'pinch me'... this is genuinely lovely moment of meeting mingling and merriment on a Sunday after noon and in such a beautiful setting many thanks to our wonderful host Irishman James O'Shea. With its inaugural Continuo Club Quarterly event in June of 2023 hosted in Woodbury Ct at the Good News Restaurant & Bar, the Waterbury Symphony was looking for a restaurant partner in the Litchfield Bantam Torrington location - given that many of our patrons herald from these towns. When Board Member Anne Dranginis, and friend of West Street Grill approached James, he immediately offered to be host our 2nd Continuo Club event -knowing that generous supporters of the Symphony are a crucial part of its success story since its founding in 1938/

A quick peak at our Continuo Club members who joined in on the fun at West Street Grill.

Litchfield Hills' Dining Hotspot - The West Street Grill


West Street Grill has been providing cultured fine dining in the Litchfield Hills for 30 years as one of America’s first great regional restaurants, serving creative modern cuisine to discerning guests from

the worlds of finance, real estate, the law, business and the arts. 


The restaurant is located in historic and scenic Litchfield, one of the state’s top tourist destinations, drawing visitors from across Connecticut, the Berkshires of Massachusetts and metropolitan New York City.


A modern restaurant with a cozy but sophisticated dining room, West Street has the charm of a private club but attracts a broad demographic.


The menu features updated and elevated French- and Italian-inspired bistro and trattoria food, grounded in classical, modern, regional and rustic traditions, as well as dishes reflecting a cosmopolitan global influence. 


West Street Grill owner James O’Shea enriches the restaurant with his nonpareil Irish hospitality.

About WSO's Continuo Club

For some time we have been wishing to acknowledge and celebrate our most generous sponsors and patrons with a quarterly social gathering that is pure pleasure - meeting and mingling of like-minded people who are equally aligned in thought, words and deeds - to our core mission that music, music education and shared cultural experiences are essential for humanity.

While we have many tiers of supporters, starting with the most pivotal of all - our wonderful patrons who sign up and enjoy are concerts, our generous Corporate & Organization Season & Concert Sponsors, our Program Book Advertisers, the individuals and organizations who think of us at the end of the year for our Annual Fund Drive, or the April Give Local... and finally, a good many of you who are all of the above! Know that we are in the process of crafting a more expansive program which honors the corresponding scale of generosity for our range of generous patrons and sponsors.

Meanwhile, the launch of the Continuo Club has been a wonderful start.

Membership to WSO’s Continuo Club is automatically offered to any supporter making a $500 minimum donation per year and thus includes an invitation to each of our Quarterly Continuo Club complimentary Meet & Greets. New members are always welcome at any time [by simply making a donation via our website's Donate Button, and, yes please, do feel free to invite others to participate, especially those who share our vision and might also enjoy being part of the WSO’s Continuo Club.

Continuo Quarterly Meet & Greets set for 2nd Sunday of March, June, September and December going forward.

We thank our fabulous Continuo Club Restaurant partners ... and love to hear that our members have returned again and again to these wonderful restaurants.

Stay tuned for more information as we build on this wonderful celebratory start.


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