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WSO Presents MOZART & MORE CONCERT in Litchfield Saturday Oct. 28th @ 4pm

Continuing its celebration of its 85th Season, the Waterbury Symphony will present two memorable concerts Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, November 5th as part of the orchestra’s innovative Music in Great Spaces Concerts that take place at inspiring locations throughout Northwest Connecticut.

The first concert, entitled ‘Mozart and More’, at Litchfield Community Center on Saturday, October 28th will present a selection of piano trios as well as Mozart’s Quintet in A Major for Clarinet and Strings. One week later, on Sunday, November 5th, at Newtown’s celebrated Edmond Town Hall, WSO’s concert entitled ‘Eight Seasons, Vivaldi & Piazzolla’ will feature violin soloist and Presidential Scholar, Julian Rhee.

Kicking off on Saturday October 28th, the WSO will present ‘Mozart and More’ at the Litchfield Community Center. WSO’s professional musicians, complimented by WSO’s Cultural Ambassador and esteemed clarinetist Dr. Vincent deLuise and led by WSO Concertmaster Alyce Cognetta Bertz, WSO will perform a selection of piano trios by Felix Mendelssohn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Joseph Haydn, as well as Wolfgang Mozart’s Quintet in A major for Clarinet and Strings.

Among Waterbury Symphony’s finest coming to Litchfield October 28th - Cultural Ambassador & esteemed clarinetist Dr. Vincent deLuise, Principal Cello Rebecca Patterson and Concertmaster Alyce Cognetta Bertz, with others will present ‘Mozart & More’

Dr. deLuise, a distinguished clarinetist and both Cultural Ambassador and major supporter of the Waterbury Symphony, shared about the concert pieces chosen for this concert, “Mozart was influenced in his musical compositions by his older friend, Joseph Haydn. In turn, Mozart’s style, elegance and harmony influenced the compositional style of early Beethoven and of Mendelssohn.The works to be performed in the recital will demonstrate these wonderful interrelationships in music.”

WSO's Music Director & Conductor, Maestro Leif Bjaland

As an intriguing glimpse into the concert program, WSO’s Music Director, Leif Bjaland, reflected, “Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa - some works of art seem like they have always existed – that they dropped from the sky fully formed and perfect. For me, the Clarinet Quintet by Wolfgang Mozart is in this category, and not just because I’m a clarinetist. The beautifully spun-out opening of the first movement, the bouncy good humor of the finale, the intricate dialogue between the clarinet and strings – there is not one false note in its 35 minutes of divine inspiration. I like to think of the clarinet as the mellow, autumn tinged voice of Mozart himself. With this beautiful voice, curving melodies and ethereal harmonies are created with the same smooth inevitability as winter frost paints our windows with shapes delicate and exquisite.”

The concert will be held on Saturday, October 28th, at 4 p.m. and will be followed by wine and cheese reception. General admission tickets are $35, available online via the WSO website at, or by phone, by calling WSO’s box office partner, The Palace Theater Box Office at (203) 346-2000 Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Calendar Listing:


WSO Concert: ‘MOZART AND MORE’ Saturday, October 28th, 2023 4 p.m. Litchfield Community Center, Litchfield, CT Doors Open 3:00 p.m. Free accessible parking on site Tickets $35; $10 for students with ID, by calling the box office

For tickets online, visit: For ticketing by phone: 203-346-2000* *Via box office partner, Palace Theater Ticketing Office

Waterbury Symphony Orchestra Telephone: 203-574-4283

Music led by WSO Concertmaster Alyce Cognetta Bertz Mozart Clarinet Quintet in A Major for clarinet and strings Featuring WSO Cultural Ambassador, Dr. Vincent deLuise on clarinet -- Mendelssohn Piano Trio No. 1 in D Minor Beethoven Piano Trio (Slow Movement) Haydn Piano Trio (Allegro)


Alyce Cognetta Bertz, violin

Lisa Rautenberg, violin

Gretchen Frazier, viola

Rebecca Patterson, cello

Meg Cognetta Heaton, piano

Vincent deLuise, clarinet

About Waterbury Symphony Orchestra: Creating music since 1938, the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra’s core belief is that music, music education and shared cultural experiences are essential for humanity.

Three primary strands of the WSO include its MasterWorks Classical Concerts including its annual Symphony & Cinema Concert, its prodigious satellite performances including its Music in Great Spaces series of innovative concerts and smaller ensembles, and finally their celebrated educational programs for libraries, schools, and underserved communities. Led by Leif Bjaland for the past twenty-eight seasons, WSO draws over one hundred talented professional musicians from across New England. As orchestra in residence of the Fine Arts Center, Naugatuck Valley Community College, the Waterbury Symphony wishes to acknowledge the partnership of NVCC and the enduring legacy of the generosity and vision of Ruth Ann Leever. For more information by telephone, call 203-574-4283 For tickets online, visit: For ticketing by phone: 203-346-2000* *Via box office partner, Palace Theater Ticketing Office


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