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WSO's newest Hospitality Sponsor 1754 House - to host WSO's Continuo Club, March 10th

Thrilled to announce our 4th Quarterly Meet & Greet of WSO's Continuo Club will be Sunday, March 10th, 4pm at 1754 House in Woodbury, CT

Imagine our delight when Chef Michael Bates-Walsh, the 'uber' talented chef and owner of 1754 House of Main Street, Woodbury, CT offered to be our newest hospitality sponsor and host for our now 4th Quarterly Meet & Greet of our Continuo Club on Sunday, March 10th, 4pm. After a visit with Chef Michael and Inn Manager Cara McArdle including a tour of what has been a complete and stunning transformation over the last four years, it comes as no surprise that what is one of the oldest Inns in Connecticut has become yet another wonderful destination in Woodbury, CT. Meanwhile, the word is out, with glowing write-ups like this one from Litchfield Magazine, people have another good reason to flock to Woodbury as an arts, dining and entertainment destination.

Did we say 'entertainment'? Yes we did! Introducing FLAT FIVE!

1754 House has also now also launched Flat Five, a Speak Easy Blues Tavern, Wednesdays through Saturdays, 5pm - 10pm. Whether seeking a cozy spot to enjoy great food and drinks, a night of lively entertainment,  or simply a taste of Woodbury's rich history, the Flat Five Blues Tavern promises an unforgettable experience.

About WSO's Continuo Club

We are proud and delighted that Sunday, March 10th is our fourth Continuo Club social event for our members, which are completely complimentary meet and greets for our most generous* sponsor/patrons. We thank our our hospitality partners who have each graciously hosted these socials. Their support makes a difference ... they allow us to focus our minds on our work underpinned by our core belief that music, music education and shared cultural experiences are essential for humanity. Our hospitality sponsors include Good News Restaurant & Bar in Woodbury, West Street Grill in Litchfield, and Vyne Restaurant in Middlebury

Members* of the WSO Continuo Club are invited to a quarterly social gathering that is pure pleasure - meeting and mingling of like-minded people who are aligned in thought, words and deeds - to our core mission that music, music education and shared cultural experiences are essential for humanity. Typically the dates for these quarterlies is the 2nd Sunday of the months of March, June, September & December - always at 4 pm.

Membership to WSO’s Continuo Club is automatically offered to any patron supporter making a $500 minimum donation per year and thus includes an invitation to each of our Quarterly Continuo Club complimentary Meet & Greets. New members are always welcome at any time [by simply making a donation via our website's Donate Button, and, yes please, do feel free to invite others to participate, especially those who share our vision and might also enjoy being part of the WSO’s Continuo Club.

A quick peak at previous Continuo Club events.

Continuo Quarterly Meet & Greets set for 2nd Sunday of March, June, September and December going forward.

Previous Dates & Hospitality Sponsors:

Next Dates!

  • Sunday, March 10th, 2024 4pm - 1754 House of Main Street, Woodbury, CT

  • Sunday, June 9th, 2024 4pm

Stay tuned for more information as we build on this wonderful celebratory start.


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